International Conference

16th International Conference on Cochlear Implants and Other Implantable Technologies

Ready to experience the latest innovations in cochlear implants and hearing solutions? Join MED-EL at CI2020 and discover our whole new generation of hearing solutions.

Live Experience at the MED-EL Booth

Get hands-on with all of our MED-EL systems. Ask our experts anything, test out new systems, and experience the future of hearing implants.

Visit us at the MED-EL Booth:

Thursday 19th



Friday 20th



MED-EL Symposiums

Learn about the latest developments in hearing implants and find out what sets MED-EL apart.

WED 18 March

13:00 - 14:15
Regency Ballroom RS
MED-EL Symposium: Closer to Natural Hearing Than Ever
MED-EL Symposium

THU 19 March

08:30 - 17:30
Windermere Ballroom
Hands-On at MED-EL Booth

17:40 - 19:10
Windermere Ballroom
Welcome Reception

FRI 20 March

08:30 - 17:00
Windermere Ballroom
Hands-On at MED-EL Booth

SAT 21 March

07:30 - 08:30
Regency Ballroom RS
MED-EL Breakfast Symposium: Single-Sided Deafness and Hearing Implants 
MED-EL Symposium

Our Topics

Make sure you’re all caught up on our latest innovations—check out these in-depth articles on our MED-EL Professionals Blog. Don’t forget to subscribe to get all the articles sent right to your inbox!

Binaural Hearing Cochlear Implants & Single-Sided Deafness

Binaural Hearing: Cochlear Implants & Single-Sided Deafness

Why is single-sided deafness so challenging? Experience for yourself in 3D audio and find out how a cochlear implant can restore hearing to both ears.

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FLEX Series Most Atraumatic Cochlear Implant Electrode Arrays

FLEX Series: Most Atraumatic Cochlear Implant Electrode Arrays

Find out the 5 key factors that make FLEX electrode arrays the most flexible and atraumatic cochlear implant electrode arrays available.

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Individualized CI - A New Era in Cochlear Implants

Individualized CI:
A New Era in Cochlear Implants

The MED-EL philosophy of individualization is straightforward: Adapt the implant to your patient, instead of adapting your patient to the implant.

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Unparalleled Surgical Planning at Your Fingertips - New Features in OTOPLAN

Unparalleled Surgical Planning at Your Fingertips: New Features in OTOPLAN®

Enhanced 3D anatomy, individualized audiogram & electrode visualization, virtual trajectory planning and more—check out the latest updates to OTOPLAN!

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