The Road to Binaural Hearing: Optimizing Fitting In Cochlear Implant Recipients With Single-Sided Deafness


19 May 2021, 15:00 - 16:00, (UTC +2:00)

Online, Austria

Cochlear implantation can overcome deficits associated with unilateral hearing loss and a potentially accompanying tinnitus by reinstating functional levels of binaural hearing and improving recipients' quality of life.

How can CI fitting be optimized for reaching this goal, and does the mapping approach in recipients with SSD differ from that in traditional CI users? Dr. Griet Mertens, Coordinator of the clinical cochlear implant research program at the Antwerp University Hospital in Belgium, and Dr. Dayse Távora-Vieira, Head of Audiology at the Fiona Stanley Fremantle Hospital Group in Western Australia, will offer insights into their mapping practice and share recommendations to help SSD patients achieve long-term satisfaction and binaural hearing with their CI.


Reinhold Schatzer

A recording of this ExpertsONLINE session is also available on the MED-EL Academy.

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