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Over 25 years ago, our VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE—the world’s first active middle ear implant—was implanted for the first time in 1996, revolutionizing the industry. Since then, MED-EL has been the leader and driving force of global innovation in middle ear hearing solutions.

Today, MED-EL is not only the global market leader for active middle ear implants but also has unmatched expertise in different coupling sites including the incus, stapes, round window, and oval window. Our innovations in middle ear implants have helped improve the quality of daily life for thousands of people worldwide.

Middle Ear Implants

The Only Complete Portfolio of Hearing Solutions in the World

MED-EL is the only manufacturer worldwide to offer a complete portfolio of hearing solutions for all types of hearing loss including middle ear solutions.

Our VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE active middle ear implant system combines excellent hearing outcomes and proven long-term reliability with faster and easier surgeries thanks to its Single Point Attachment and great surgical flexibility.

Our passive middle ear implants are lightweight and rigid—the perfect combination for ideal sound transmission—and are designed with a wide variety of surgical preferences and patient anatomies in mind. They offer surgeons optimal intraoperative visibility and adaptability as well as functional design for easy handling.

No matter what middle ear condition your patient presents with, MED-EL has a solution to meet your needs. To determine which solution is best for your patient, refer to the indications for our devices or visit the pages below for more details.

Active Implant System


Audio Processor
– Effortless hearing
– 8-10 days of battery life
– Easy streaming & handling
– Fast, convenient fittings

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VORP 503

VORP 503

Middle Ear Implant
– Excellent hearing outcomes
– Flexible surgical placement
– Proven long-term reliability

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Passive Implants

Passive Middle Ear Implants

Tympanoplasty and Stapes Prostheses
– Sophisticated design
– Created by hearing experts
– Adaptable to individual anatomy

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Why MED-EL: 
A Trusted Partner

For more than 30 years, MED-EL has been a trusted partner and innovation leader in hearing implants. We’re here to work together with you, and we’re committed to providing outstanding service and support for our professional partners.

With the most advanced hearing implant systems, we offer the best hearing experience for your patients and the best clinical experience for you.

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