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What Sets Our Bone Conduction Hearing Systems Apart


Our Philosophy

Our bone conduction hearing systems are designed with the overall health and everyday happiness of your patients in mind. Not only do all of our solutions deliver excellent hearing outcomes with superior all-day comfort. They also allow your patients to hear their best with healthy skin—and without the risk of infections, skin complications, or painful pressure.
MED-EL has always been the leader when it comes to vibratory hearing solutions. With over 10 years of bone conduction implant experience, MED-EL reached significant global milestones when we implanted the world’s first active bone conduction implant system in 2011 and we launched the world’s first pressure-free non-surgical bone conduction system in 2017. These breakthroughs have improved the quality of life for thousands of people around the globe and made MED-EL the most experienced and trusted producer of bone conduction systems in the world.
Bone Conduction Hearing Systems

MED-EL’s Bone Conduction Hearing Systems: Always a Step Ahead

With both non-implantable and implantable solutions, MED-EL offers the most comprehensive, advanced, and comfortable bone conduction systems on the global market. ADHEAR, a convenient yet powerful non-surgical device, can provide patients of all ages instant hearing performance. With a low profile and secure two-point fixation, BCI 602, our latest generation active bone conduction implant, delivers excellent audiological outcomes.

To determine which solution is best for your patient, refer to the indications for our devices or visit the detailed pages below.

Implantable Solution


Audio Processor
– Effortless hearing
– 8-10 days of battery life
– Easy streaming & handling
– Fast, convenient fittings

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BCI 602

BCI 602

– Direct-drive active bone conduction
– Proven transcutaneous technology
– Straightforward surgery
– Long-term reliability

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Non-Implantable Solution


Bone Conduction Hearing System
– Non-surgical
– Easy to try out
– Immediate results
– For all ages

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Why MED-EL: 
A Trusted Partner

For more than 30 years, MED-EL has been a trusted partner and innovation leader in hearing implants. We’re here to work together with you, and we’re committed to providing outstanding service and support for our professional partners.

With the most advanced hearing implant systems, we offer the best hearing experience for your patients and the best clinical experience for you.

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