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Stick. Click. Hear. 

ADHEAR is the world’s first non-surgical bone conduction device that does not exert any pressure on the skin. This makes it very convenient and comfortable, yet powerful. Hearing outcomes in patients with ADHEAR rival those with systems that apply pressure to the skull[ft] and even implantable bone conduction solutions.[ft][ft] ADHEAR can provide both children and adults with instant results.

  • Non-surgical
  • No pressure
  • For all ages

Put It on and Hear

The ADHEAR System consists of two parts: an adhesive adapter and an audio processor. The adhesive adapter is placed on the skin behind the ear and the audio processor is attached to the adapter with a simple click. The system is symmetrically designed and can therefore be used on either side. The audio processor picks up sound waves, converts them into vibrations, and transfers them to the mastoid bone via the adhesive adapter. Through bone conduction, the sound information reaches the inner ear. ADHEAR can help people with conductive hearing loss (CHL) or single-sided deafness (SSD), either temporary or permanent, to hear better in an easy and effective way.


Immediate Improvement

Since the ADHEAR’s market release in 2017 multiple studies have been proving its concept. The results show immediate hearing improvement for both adults and children.[ft][ft][ft][ft][ft][ft]

With directional and omni-directional microphones that automatically adapt to the user’s environment, built-in noise reduction and feedback cancellation, ADHEAR helps people with CHL or SSD to understand speech and hear better even in noisy environments.

  • Easy to try out
  • Immediate result
  • Highly efficient

Outstanding Audiological Results

Studies report significant hearing improvement in children as well as adults. The two graphs on the right summarize the findings for each age group. On average, children experienced PTA4 gains of more than 30 dB.[ft] For adults, there was an average PTA4 gain of more than 18 dB.[ft]

Efficient and Effortless

ADHEAR gently sticks to the head with an adhesive adapter. Since it is very easy to apply and does not require any special consultation or medical preparation, ADHEAR can easily be tried out with an audiologist or acoustician. Most importantly, ADHEAR can achieve results comparable to passive bone conduction implants, such as Baha® Attract and others [ft][ft] —without a surgical procedure.

Powerful and Gentle

ADHEAR is not only implant-free, but also pressure-free. Due to the advanced sound transmission via the unique adhesive adapter, sound can be conducted onto the bone efficiently without applying pressure on bone or skin. Other systems, such as Bone Conduction Devices (BCDs) on SoundArc or headband need to exert pressure onto the skull in order reach equivalent hearing performance which compromises wearing comfort, wearing time and thus hearing time.


More Time – More Benefit

No exertion of pressure, no headband, but a comfortable adhesive adapter and an inconspicuous, discreet placement behind the ear: ADHEAR’s wearing comfort is exceptional. The unparalleled combination of convenience and discreetness leads to high user satisfaction and long wearing times of the ADHEAR system. A meta-analysis of ten major studies found that out of a total of 146 people who used ADHEAR, almost 99% could wear it throughout the whole study without any issues or downtime.[ft]

  • Skin-friendly
  • All-day wearing comfort
  • Small and discreet
More Time - More Benefit

ADHEAR System – Review of clinical evidence and user satisfaction, MED-EL (2020)



The breathable adhesive adapter does not apply pressure to the skin or bone, resulting in the highest wearing comfort and longer wearing time.



ADHEAR reliably stays in the ideal position behind the ear, offering consistent access to sound. The battery compartment can be safely locked.



Users can enjoy up to two weeks of power with just one battery. Direct audio input allows connecting to smartphones and receivers (Bluetooth®, FM or telecoil).

No Painful Pressure

Other skin-drive BCDs are retained by steel spring headbands, elastic headbands (softbands) or eyeglasses. Just like passive transcutaneous bone conduction implants, these conventional BCDs exert pressure onto the skin and skull. Studies on passive transcutaneous bone conduction implants report that the exerted pressure can lead to painful issues like swelling, skin irritation, skin necrosis or infection.[ft] [ft]

Unlike this, ADHEAR’s unique design works without the pressure-associated drawbacks, such as pain, pressure marks, placement loss and discomfort that can often lead to shortened wearing time.[ft] [ft] [ft]

In a study by Dahm et al. (2019) ten out of thirteen people “reported pain using the conventional BCD, half of them reported to wear the device less due to amount of pain. Pain was not reported with the adhesive device”.[ft]

users of BCDs with soft
headbands reported pain.

Dahm et. al 2019

Durable Adhesive Adapter

Not only can softbands be uncomfortable, they might also not keep the audio processor in the ideal position to most efficiently transmit vibrations.

The innovative adhesive adapter of the ADHEAR system ensures that the audio processor stays in an optimal position for reliable hearing performance. With a simple click the processor is snapped onto the adapter once positioned. The adapter is water-resistant, skin-friendly, breathable and can be used without interruption for up to 3-7 days.[ft]

Longer Wearing Time

A successful hearing device is one that is worn. It sounds easy, but reality shows that there are huge differences in wearing time between hearing devices. This is due to factors such as pain, discomfort or stigmatization as a consequence when a device is clearly visible. With the discreet, pressureless ADHEAR system, daily usage time is significantly higher than with BCDs on softbands.[ft][ft]

Dahm et. al 2019

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