Single-Unit Audio Processor


Hearing Made Simple.

SAMBA 2 for VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE and SAMBA 2 BB for BONEBRIDGE are all-in-one audio processors for middle ear and bone conduction implant recipients. Combining intelligent hearing technology with easy handling, intuitive connectivity options and improved fitting software, SAMBA 2 is designed to make hearing as simple as possible—for both hearing implant recipients and their audiologists.

  • 8-10 Days of Battery Life
  • Easy Streaming & Handling
  • Fast, Convenient Fittings

Hassle-Free Handling

With easy-to-change covers and batteries, everyday handling is simple and intuitive. As the lightest audio processor on the market, SAMBA 2 is so comfortable to wear and easy to handle that recipients might even forget they’re wearing it.


Easy to Change Batteries
Designed with feedback from both hearing implant recipients and hearing professionals in mind, the battery compartment has been redesigned to make changing batteries more straightforward and convenient.

Easy to Change Attachment Clips
For additional security and peace of mind, SAMBA 2 features a variety of brand-new attachment clips with optimized designs so they simply snap onto the processor without having to remove the cover.

Easy to Change Covers
With a snap and a click, one of a wide variety of interchangeable covers can be attached to quickly personalize SAMBA 2.

Expressive Design Covers

There are 23 unique cover designs to choose from. For recipients who like to keep their audio processor discreet, one of the eight SAMBA 2 covers in basic hair colors, such as Light Blond or Dark Chocolate, are ideal. Alternatively, there are ten Design Covers to complement every look, including wild animal prints, delicate designs, and colorful kid’s patterns for those who prefer to express themselves.

SAMBA 2 Design Covers

Lightest Weight and Lowest Profile

SAMBA 2 has both the lightest weight (9.3 g***) and the lowest profile height (10.2 mm) of any audio processor on the market, making it easy for recipients to hide under their hair and extra comfortable for them to wear.

***SAMBA 2 weighs 9.3 g including battery and magnet (strength 1)

Effortless Hearing

Effortless Hearing

With SAMBA 2, there is no need to change programs. SAMBA 2’s advanced sound technology automatically learns how to give recipients their best hearing possible in six different listening environments: Quiet, Speech in Quiet, Noise, Speech in Noise, Music, and Car.

Intelligent Sound Adapter 2.0
With Intelligent Sound Adapter 2.0, SAMBA 2 learns the hearing preferences of the user—which settings they most often change manually—when in each of the different listening environments. Over time, SAMBA 2 automatically adjusts itself to match these listening preferences, reducing the need for manual volume and sound balance changes after the learning period.

Enhanced Noise Reduction
Environments like restaurants can be challenging listening situations for people with hearing loss. SAMBA 2 automatically reduces annoying noises such as the clanging of dishes, as well as background conversation and music. It also reduces noise from the wind or traffic, and works fast enough to cut out disturbing noises between single words.

Automatic Adaption
SAMBA 2‘s microphones seamlessly adapt to whatever environment users are in, whether quiet or noisy, for ease of listening and excellent sound quality. There is no need for users to switch programs, because SAMBA 2 does it all.

Speech Tracking

SAMBA 2 can automatically detect a car environment and activate Speech Tracking, which adapts the microphones toward speech. For example, the focus shifts to the back when speech comes from behind the recipient. This makes focusing on driving while conversing more comfortable than ever before.

“When you’re driving, SAMBA 2 can detect the car environment and activate the speech tracking feature. This allows the microphones to select the best possible mode for picking up your passengers’ voices—even when they happen to be sitting behind you!” – Amanda T. O’Donnell, Audiologist and Product Manager at MED-EL

Easy Streaming with SAMBA 2 GO

The new SAMBA 2 GO connectivity device lets recipients stream sound to SAMBA 2 with just the press of a button. This optional assistive listening device can be used to stream sound from a mobile phone, TV, tablet, and many other devices. It brings the sound from an audio device straight to the users’ ears, and enables them to make hands-free calls, listen to music, and use remote microphones and FM systems.

“It’s very straightforward. I can make phone calls hands free, and connecting to my laptop has allowed me to participate in remote conference calls and other video chats that seem to be becoming more of a part of our daily routine.” – Kevin Vukovich, bilateral BONEBRIDGE recipient


The SAMBA 2 Remote

With the optional SAMBA 2 Remote app, there is no need for users to carry around an extra remote. Simple predefined SAMBA 2 settings such as volume and programs can be managed directly from a smartphone. The app can also direct the audio processor to indicate SAMBA 2’s battery status for extra peace of mind on the go.

SAMBA 2 Remote
All-Day Hearing

All-Day Hearing

SAMBA 2 comfortably stays in place, allowing it to be worn all day long by users. Additionally, with a battery life of approximately 8-10 days at average usage, SAMBA 2 provides reliable, long-lasting power

Wearing Time

Children with the BONEBRIDGE implant wear their audio processor for an average of 12.6 hours per day.[ft] SAMBA 2 is comfortable enough for continuous hearing throughout the day, which is not only important to ensure that children have a ‘normal life’ during daytime hours while attending school, but also that they have enough time to enjoy hearing when they participate in recreational and social activities after school.

per day

Long-Lasting Battery Power

SAMBA 2’s battery lasts for up to 10 days based on an average wearing time of 12.6 hours per day. With one standard battery package containing 60 batteries, users are equipped with up to 1.5 years, or 18 months of all-day hearing.

1 Battery
10 Days

60 Batteries
1.5 Years

Low Pressure on Skin

Low Pressure on Skin

With low pressure on the skin, SAMBA 2 is comfortable for users to wear all day long while staying securely in place.


Water-Resistant Design

Water-Resistant Design

Rain or shine, water-resistant SAMBA 2 is designed for every environment. With an IP rating of IP54*, SAMBA 2 is tough enough to endure everyday splashes, sweat and dust.


Ready to Make a Splash

Ready to Make a Splash

The optional WaterWear cover provides complete water protection at an IP rating of IP68**, which is suitable for swimming and watersports. These reusable waterproof covers are easy to attach and can be used in any type of water, including salty seawater and chlorinated swimming pools.


Fast Fittings with SYMFIT 8.0

Fast Fittings with SYMFIT 8.0

New and experienced clinicians alike will reach fitting goals easily, quickly and conveniently when fitting SAMBA 2 with SYMFIT 8.0. Its intuitive workflow reflects the fitting procedure as it guides you through the complete fitting process with easy, straightforward navigation and fitting tools. SYMFIT 8.0 even automatically performs the first fit based on Vibrogram measurements. SYMFIT 8.0 helps you get the most out of SAMBA 2 so recipients can enjoy great sound wherever they go.

Compatible with NOAH Database

With SYMFIT 8.0, you can continue working in a familiar environment. SYMFIT 8.0 was designed to be compatible with NOAH 4, the popular off-the-shelf database. This means there will be no need to get acquainted with a new database, making it easy to access the direct Vibrogram measurements.


Precise Fittings with Vibrogram

Now you can activate tones and directly measure and enter Vibrogram thresholds in the same window. The specific, individual hearing threshold levels obtained enable you to automatically create a precise first fit to optimize the hearing benefit for each individual recipient.


Fitting Assistant

During the fitting, the SYMFIT 8.0 Fitting Assistant provides you with supporting information based on specific issues reported by the recipient. The Fitting Assistant helps you translate conversations about the hearing experience and easily align them with the device’s settings.


Fewer Follow-Up Fitting Appointments

Thanks to SYMFIT 8.0’s new Acclimatization Manager, target settings can be reached automatically and gradually over time to help users adapt. But if the automatic adjustments are uncomfortable, users can still adjust the volume with the SAMBA 2 Remote app.

SAMBA 2 Remote

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With the most advanced cochlear implant systems, we offer the best hearing experience for your patients and the best clinical experience for you. 

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Technical Data


Frequency Response Curves


Maximum OSPL90: 109 dB SPLeq
HFA-OSPL90: 109 dB SPLeq
Maximum full-on gain: 53 dB
HFA-FOG: 52 dB
Equivalent input noise: 23 dB SPL
Total harmonic distortion, 70 dB SPL input level, 500 Hz distortion test frequency: < 5 %
Total harmonic distortion, 70 dB SPL input level, 800 Hz distortion test frequency: < 5 %
Total harmonic distortion, 65 dB SPL input level, 1600 Hz distortion test frequency: < 3 %
Total harmonic distortion, 60 dB SPL input level, 3200 Hz distortion test frequency: < 3 %

Frequency response curves for SAMBA 2 Hi:

Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the picture.

_thumb_SAMBA 2 Hii 1
_thumb_SAMBA 2 Hii 2


Maximum OSPL90: 91 dB SPLeq
HFA-OSPL90: 91 dB SPLeq
Maximum full-on gain: 38 dB
HFA-FOG: 38 dB
Equivalent input noise: 23 dB SPL

Frequency response curves for SAMBA 2 Lo:

Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the picture.

_thumb_SAMBA 2 Lo 1
_thumb_SAMBA 2 Lo 2


Maximum OVFL90: 110 dB VFL
HFA-OVFL90: 102 dB VFL
Maximum full-on acousto-mechanical sensitivity level: 59 dB AMSL
Full-on HFA-AMSL: 50 dB AMSL
Equivalent input noise: 21 dB SPL
Total harmonic distortion, 70 dB SPL input level, 500 Hz distortion test frequency: < 5 %
Total harmonic distortion, 70 dB SPL input level, 800 Hz distortion test frequency: < 2 %
Total harmonic distortion, 65 dB SPL input level, 1600 Hz distortion test frequency: < 5 %
Total harmonic distortion, 60 dB SPL input level, 3200 Hz distortion test frequency: < 2 %

Frequency response curves for SAMBA 2 BB:

Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the picture.

_thumb_SAMBA 2 BB 1
_thumb_SAMBA 2 BB 2

*Protected from dust-limited ingress and against water sprays from all directions (limited ingress permitted).
**Protected from dust and immersion in water at a depth of up to 4m for two hours.

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by MED-EL is under license.