Techniques to Improve Hearing Preservation With Long Lateral Wall Electrodes


25 August 2021, 15:00 - 16:00, (UTC +2:00)

In this SurgeryONLINE, we will demonstrate the following:

  • Mastoidectomy with attention to tapering/reducing posterior canal wall thickness to a plane anterior to plane of lateral semicircular canal.
  • Facial recess performed with explicit identification of facial nerve and removal of bone anterior and medial to facial nerve.
  • Modify shape of round window niche as required from cylinder to truncated cone.
  • Anterior-inferior round window incision, slow insertion (approx. 30 seconds) in orientation of scala tympani, careful release of electrode once in place
Marek Polak, PhD
Head of Electrophysiology for Assessment
Research & Development

A recording of this SurgeryONLINE session is available on the MED-EL Academy.

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