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Connecting What Belongs Together

MED-EL's mission is to overcome hearing loss as a barrier to communication and quality of life. This is best fulfilled by offering a complete portfolio of hearing implants. That's why we've developed high-precision passive middle ear implants and added them to our portfolio.

We’ve put over two decades of experience in hearing solutions and ear surgery into our range of passive middle ear implants. The result? A sophisticated design that combines efficient sound transmission with easy surgical handling. And with 11 adaptable prostheses to choose from—each in a variety of sizes—there’s a solution to suit both your surgical preferences and your patient’s individual anatomy.

  • Sophisticated design
  • Created by hearing experts
  • Adaptable to individual anatomy

Optimal Sound Conduction

Our range of passive middle ear implants is made up of prostheses for both tympanoplasty and stapes surgery. The tympanoplasty prostheses act as a partial or total replacement for the ossicular chain. Our stapes prostheses replace the stapes arch or stapes arch and incus in cases with a fixed stapes footplate.

Like all of MED-EL’s hearing solutions, our passive middle ear implants are built with hearing performance in mind. Made of titanium, they are both lightweight and extremely stiff for optimal sound conduction to the oval window and into the inner ear, so that your patients can experience the joy of hearing.


Straightforward Surgery

We’ve drawn on all our expertise in otology to make surgery with each and every one of our passive middle ear implants as straightforward as possible. Not only are they designed to give you optimal visibility of the surgery but they are also designed for easy handling. And all our implants can be adapted to the patient’s individual anatomy during implantation for extra flexibility.

Optimal Visibility

Intraoperative visibility is key in all our passive middle ear implants. Our tympanoplasty implants have generous openings in the headplate so you can easily see the coupling point. In our stapes implants, we used a slim design that allows for a full view of the footplate and the long process of the incus. All this helps make your surgical experience as simple as possible.

Always Adaptable

Every middle ear anatomy is unique. That’s why our passive middle ear implants offer flexibility, even during surgery. Every prosthesis has a bendable shaft that is easy to adapt to the individual anatomy. In our tympanoplasty implants, you can even bend the headplate to accommodate the handle of the malleus—no special equipment needed.

Practical Packaging

It’s not just our implants that are easy to use: Even the packaging is practical. All our prostheses and Sizer Kits come in a small but sophisticated red box. The sliding design and in-built guidelines help make setting up for surgery simple.


Peace of Mind

Like all MED-EL implants, our passive middle ear implants allow easy MRI scans without surgery, discomfort, or hearing downtime and are MRI conditional up to 7.0 Tesla. Made of strong, light, and biostable titanium, every prosthesis is biocompatible for your patients’ safety.

  • Made from titanium
  • Biocompatible for your patients’ safety
  • MRI conditional up to 7.0 Tesla

For Everyone

We have 11 different passive middle ear implants to choose from, including tympanoplasty and stapes prostheses, along with several Sizer Kits. They all come in various sizes so they don’t just fit the individual anatomy of each patient, but also your surgical preferences in terms of the type of coupling and design.

Product Catalog

Download our product catalog for a closer look at each of our passive middle ear implants, including article numbers, product descriptions, and technical data.

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Why MED-EL: 
A Trusted Partner

For over 30 years, MED-EL has been driven by one thing: A passion to help people with hearing loss. That’s why we’ve put all our experience from the fields of ear surgery and hearing rehabilitation into the development of our passive middle ear implants. We’re here to work together with you, and we’re committed to providing outstanding service and support for our professional partners.

It’s also why we are the only company to offer a complete portfolio of implantable hearing solutions. Whichever hearing solution you need, now or in the future, you have a partner for life in MED-EL.

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