SONNET 2 Audio Processor


Made for the most natural hearing in any listening environment

SONNET 2 is our latest BTE audio processor for MED-EL cochlear implants. From Adaptive Intelligence to wireless connectivity, SONNET 2 is packed with tons of new technology that’s made for the best hearing experience possible.

  • Outstanding Hearing Performance
  • Sleek Design
  • Wireless Connectivity
SONNET 2 Made for Everywhere

Made for Everywhere

SONNET 2 is made for exceptional hearing performance, even in challenging listening environments. Automatic Sound Management 3.0 seamlessly adapts for optimal hearing and hands-free control. From busy offices to noisy restaurants, ASM 3.0 enables clearer, more comfortable hearing experience.

Microphone Directionality
Reduces noise from behind and focuses on sounds to the front for significantly better hearing in noise.

Automatic Volume Control
Dual-Loop Automatic Gain Control instantly adapts volume levels to make loud sounds more comfortable and soft sounds easier to hear. 

Ambient Noise Reduction
Reduces continuous ambient noise—such as a desk fan—for easier, clearer listening.

Adaptive Intelligence
Intelligently adapts front-end processing to changing listening environments for the best hearing in any environment.

Wind Noise Reduction
Minimises continuous wind noise for improved listening in outdoor environments.

Transient Noise Reduction
Instantly attenuates sudden loud noises for comfortable listening in any setting.

Natural Loudness Growth 

Our Dual-Loop Automatic Gain Control instantly adapts volume levels to make loud sounds more comfortable and soft sounds easier to hear. With an extended loudness growth range and compression ratio (3:1), our loudness growth more closely follows natural loudness growth in the cochlea. 

This is an advantage for loudness balancing with bilateral CIs, or if the other ear has natural hearing, such as single-sided deafness or for bimodal listening with a contralateral hearing aid.

Microphone Directionality

SONNET 2 uses Microphone Directionality to mimic the natural pinna effect by reducing sounds behind and focusing to the front of the listener. This enables significantly better hearing performance in noisy environments.

Natural directionality provides significant advantage in everyday life, and Adaptive directionality provides a powerful boost in complex noise

Structure Preservation

Our incredibly flexible lateral wall arrays can gently adapt to the shape of each individual cochlea to protect the delicate natural structures. Multiple recent studies have shown only MED-EL arrays enable 100% scala tympani insertions. 

Scala tympani placement enables significantly better hearing outcomes. Our gentle arrays also enable hearing preservation, for combined electric-acoustic stimulation with SONNET 2 EAS. 

Literature Search Report (2020), Data on File, MED-EL n=1,399
O´Connell et al. 2016

Complete Cochlear Coverage

In natural hearing, the nerve fibers of the spiral ganglion are tonotopically organized and extend the full length of the cochlea. If an electrode doesn’t cover two full turns (720°) of the cochlea, it can’t stimulate these nerve fibers to provide accurate pitch-place match.  

Our long, flexible arrays can be safely inserted all the way to the apical region to provide natural tonotopic stimulation across two full turns of the cochlea. With complete cochlear coverage, recipients can enjoy a natural pitch match from the very beginning. This enables significantly better hearing performance and a more natural hearing experience for your patients. 

Data on file, calculated from mean cochlear parameters
CI Electrodes

FineHearing Sound Coding

In nature, the cochlea uses two types of sound coding. Place-pitch tonotopic coding is used along the whole frequency range. In addition to place-pitch coding, low-frequency sounds are also coded by rate. With this time-coding, the frequency of nerve signals is synchronized to the frequency of the sound below ~1000 Hz.

That’s why we created the only cochlear implant sound coding that mimics the natural time-coding for low frequencies and provides place-pitch match throughout the cochlea. By mimicking natural sound coding, FineHearing provides much more natural sound quality.

Benefits: Music

Music is complex form of sound, making it one of the most challenging things to listen to. So when recipients can enjoy listening to music, you know they’ve reached a whole new level of hearing. 

Listen to
music weekly
or daily
Music sounds
Müller et al. 2012

Benefits: Sound Localization

Whether it’s a noisy classroom or a busy sidewalk, knowing where a sound is coming from is essential for your patients. By providing more accurate interaural time differences (ITDs) and interaural level differences (ILDs), our cochlear implants enable more accurate sound localization than any other cochlear implant. 

SONNET 2 Processor Design

Processor Design 

SONNET 2 is a sleek, lightweight BTE processor with a modular design, allowing you to adapt it to best fit the needs of each individual. With built-in water resistance, flexible wearing options, rechargeable batteries, thousands of color configurations, and a durable design, it’s made for all-day comfort and performance in everyday life

Design Award 2019

Awarded to the SYNCHRONY System, comprising the SONNET 2 Audio Processor and accessories, SYNCHRONY 2 Cochlear Implant, and MAESTRO 8.0 fitting software.

SONNET 2 Colours

Mix & Match

With thousands of color combinations and stylish design covers, SONNET 2 lets your patients blend in or stand out.

SONNET 2 Child Saftey

Child Safety

With tamperproof design, DL-Coil link-check indicator, locking coil cable, and titanium battery pack locks, SONNET 2 offers the highest level of child safety available for CIs. 

SONNET 2 Rechargable Batteries

Rechargeable Batteries 

Easy-to-use rechargeable batteries offer the lightest and most compact wearing option for SONNET 2. Or go for up to 4 days on disposable zinc-air batteries. 

SONNET 2 WaterWear

Ready for Water

Splashproof design provides protection against rain or sweat all day long. And with the WaterWear cover, SONNET 2 is ready for swimming.

SONNET 2 Flexible Wearing Options

Flexible Wearing Options

ActiveWear is the lightest behind-the-ear wearing option available. And with BabyWear, you can clip the entire processor to clothing, making it ideal for infants.

SONNET 2 Optimized Handling

Optimized Handling

Upgraded design makes it easier to change microphone covers, use rechargeable batteries, and secure the battery pack cover. 

SONNET 2 Made for Connectivity
SONNET 2 - Made for Connectivity

Made for Connectivity

SONNET 2 makes it easy to stream phone calls or connect to music, movies, and television. With integrated 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity, SONNET 2 lets your patients connect to almost any audio source. Our all-in-one AudioLink accessory makes it easy to stay connected, and the direct streaming of music and phone calls from any compatible smartphone or tablet is simple with AudioStream.*



With AudioLink, you can stream phone calls right to SONNET 2. You can also connect to music or stream high-quality sound from TVs or tablets. AudioLink also has a built-in microphone, so you can use it as a remote microphone. This offers an easy-to-use listening boost in busy meetings and restaurants or for clearer listening in a classroom. 

  • Bluetooth® Streaming
  • Remote Microphone
  • Direct Audio Input



SONNET 2 users from as far back as 2014—farther back than any other cochlear implant manufacturer in the world—can enjoy direct wireless streaming. After sliding the AudioStream cover onto their audio processor, they can stream phone calls and music from any compatible smartphone or tablet.*

  • Streaming via Bluetooth® Low Energy
  • High-quality sound
  • True stereo support for bilateral recipients
  • Bimodal streaming from compatible smartphones**

AudioKey 2

AudioKey 2

Control and personalize SONNET 2’s user settings, check on a user’s hearing, view detailed data on wearing time, program, and connectivity usage as well as locate SONNET 2 when you want to find it—all with the AudioKey 2 app. The guardian roles let you create multiple users’ profiles for flexibility and security as you manage multiple users and processors.

  • Remote Control
  • Extended data logging for SONNET 2
  • Required for initial setup of AudioStream

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FineTuner Echo

FineTuner Echo

The FineTuner Echo remote is a compact, easy-to-use remote with a built-in display. This bi-directional remote shows current settings, including program, volume, connectivity. E-paper display makes it easy to read, even in bright sunlight.

  • Bilateral Support
  • Integrated Speech Processor Test Device
  • E-Paper Display

Why MED-EL: 
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For more than 30 years, MED-EL has been a trusted partner and innovation leader in hearing implants. We’re here to work together with you, and we’re committed to providing outstanding service and support for our professional partners.

With the most advanced cochlear implant systems, we offer the best hearing experience for your patients and the best clinical experience for you. 

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Technical Data


Width: 37.4mm
Height: 67.6mm with Battery Pack Cover Max
Height: 56.7mm with Battery Pack Cover Standard
Height: 51.4mm with Battery Pack Cover Micro
SONNET Audio Processor Size
Thickness: 5.9mm
Thickness: 9.3mm
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